Three Dresses for Piper

ImageThis dress above I made with out a pattern-you can see how a pattern is needed. It was me based style for a two year old. I will be remaking this one to perfection.Image

I used a basic top pattern for the dress above. These dresses are for a 3 year old who loves pink and Hello Kitty. Since she is three she will have the need to run around, this dress simply does not allow any movement. (note to self: do not do a simple rectangular pattern for the bottom of the dresses-no movement)Image

And finally this one, one of my favorites. This dress is light and super girly. I found out that this dress is TOO light and we could see her undies through it. Once again, these were done within a few hours. Now that I know how each of those fabrics work, I will be making a more appropriate dress for little Piper


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